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Ordeal Schedule

by the Wagion Lodge #6 Ordeal Committee

(all times are approximate)

Friday registration

7:00 pm Report to OA Pavilion in class A uniform for registration. Set your tent up in Chief West


6:30 am Breakfast
7:00 am return to tent put overnight gear away prepare for cheerful service (Work Clothes etc.)
7:30 am Report to OA Pavilion Meet elangomat
8:00 - Lunch Cheerful Service
When announced Lunch
After Lunch Report to OA Pavilion meet elangomat
??? - 4:00 pm Cheerful Service
4:00 Shower; Prepare for Dinner
5:15 Report to Parade ground in Class A Uniform
5:30 Brotherhood Calling Out Retreat
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Church Service " A Scout is Reverent"
After Services Report to Wagion Training Center to meet the Officers
11:00 Snack TBA


8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Business Meeting; Get member packets. Class A Uniform & OA Sash required
10:00 Leave for Home
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