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Wagion Lodge #6
Silver Arrowman Membership

What is a Silver Arrowman? A Silver Arrowman is a member of the lodge (Ordeal, Brotherhood, or Vigil) that makes a contribution of $110* to the lodge.

What are the benefits of being a Silver Arrowman? A Silver Arrowman receives the following benefits:

  • Membership dues paid for one year.
  • Banquet fees are paid.
  • Weekend fees are paid and no need to call in to pre-register!
  • Special recognition certificate.
  • 2 Silver Arrowman recognition patches.

How long does Silver Arrowman membership last? A Silver Arrowman must renew his or her membership at the beginning of each lodge year.

What if I already paid my membership fee? An additional year will be added to your membership expiration date.

What if I already paid my banquet fee? If you attended the banquet and you purchase your membership prior to the end of February, you may have the banquet fee deducted from the cost of membership.

Can somebody else use my weekend fees? Sorry, Silver Arrowmen weekend and banquet fees are not transferable. If you are unable to attend a service weekend, you may not let another person use your free slot.

Can I get extra patches? If there are any left over patches at the end of the year, they will be made available for purchase when renewing your Silver Arrowman registration for 2009. Any patches not sold by the 2009 banquet will be destroyed.

*- The required contribution is $110. It was erroneously stated as being $115 in the February 2009 issue of the T-Bird Times.

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